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Let’s Get Straight Into The Discussion Surrounding Braces And Invisalign


The debate continues between the effectiveness of traditional braces, compared to Invisalign…

The truth is that both will improve your teeth alignment and choosing one over the other is really dependent upon your lifestyle and the severity of your bite.

At Bhat Dental Associates we help each patient decide what treatment is best for them, that’s why it’s always nice to know some of the main differences and uses to better inform your decision.

What is Invisalign?

So let’s get straight into the discussion, what is Invisalign anyways? By utilising a series of transparent aligners, Invisalign is a removable and virtually transparent orthodontic system for those who want to realign their teeth without having a mouthful of metal.

Why choose metal braces?

If you’re not bothered by the look that comes with visible braces they can be extremely effective in correcting your teeth because:

  • They allow a full scope of tooth movement which means they can be used in extreme cases
  • Your teeth will move rapidly
  • They are fixed in your mouth
  • Everyone is a candidate for braces, children and adults can wear them
  • Have fun changing your colourful brackets and wires for the festive season (red and green for Christmas)

If you are really concerned about the look of braces but like the benefits, lingual braces may be an option for you! Lingual braces are just like traditional braces with one exception- they are attached to the inside of your smile! They are virtually invisible to those around you. Lingual braces normally generate results in the same amount of time as traditional braces but of course you cannot usually see them.

Why choose Invisalign?

Well, besides the fact that you can’t see the Invisalign system there are a few more reasons why Invisalign might be the best option for you:

  • Can effectively treats a wide variety of cases, including crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite and underbite
  • You can maintain your regular oral hygiene routine by removing the devise during any time
  • There are no dietary restrictions as the aligners can simply be removed to enjoy your favourite foods
  • Can free up your busy schedule, with office visits only every four to six weeks.
  • Instead of sharp metal it is made up of smooth plastic

What are my options at Bhat Dental Associates?

We understand that everyone requires a different treatment according to their lifestyle and their orthodontic requirements. We offer:

  • Full traditional orthodontics
  • Smile Fast Magic Braces™
  •  Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Early Intervention Orthodontics
  •  Six Month Smiles®

At Bhat Dental Associates we also offer Orthopaedics, which are used during childhood years, orthopaedics are designed to enhance the long term health and appearance of children as they grow. This might save your child from braces during their adolescence and helps reduce the risk of misaligned jaws, severe tooth impactions and overbites.
For those patients who don’t want to spend the year with braces we also offer Fastbraces® which are a rapid treatment normally taking only a few months! Traditional braces usually work in two stages: the first moving the crown of the tooth, and the second stage moving the root of the tooth. Fastbraces® uses a bracket and an advanced shaped wire to correct the position of the root of the tooth that exerts pressure on the teeth and allows them to straighten quickly.

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