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Keep your teeth beautiful with these easy tips!

At Bhat Dental Associates we know the beautiful results you get after a professional clean… here is how you can keep your teeth looking beautiful until your next appointment! At Bhat Dental Associates , we know that maintaining your oral health is key to possessing beautiful and healthy teeth to last a lifetime. Since it […]


4 Tooth brushing mistakes – what you’re doing wrong while you brush

Brushing your teeth is a part of our daily lives and should be done at least twice daily, but how do you know you’re doing it properly? Here at Bhat Dental Associates we share some top tips for brushing that will help keep your teeth clean and most importantly – healthy! For many patients we […]


Top Five Reasons To Smile!

Smile and the whole world smiles with you… Smiling is the universal indicator of happiness, and is a very important communication tool in your personal and professional life. If your searching for a reason to smile, read on to discover our top five reasons to smile: 1. Smiling can make you happy! A natural mood-booster, […]


Braces don’t have to be a burden!

At Bhat Dental Associates we are very passionate about the perfect smile. Because of our passion for perfection we only want to offer the best treatments to our clients, and that means braces! Braces are the most efficient way to straighten up problem teeth and avoid frequent trips to the dentist later in life. While they […]


Let’s Get Straight Into The Discussion Surrounding Braces And Invisalign

The debate continues between the effectiveness of traditional braces, compared to Invisalign… The truth is that both will improve your teeth alignment and choosing one over the other is really dependent upon your lifestyle and the severity of your bite. At Bhat Dental Associates we help each patient decide what treatment is best for them, […]


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