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Braces don’t have to be a burden!

Braces-dont-have-to-be-a-burdenAt Bhat Dental Associates we are very passionate about the perfect smile.

Because of our passion for perfection we only want to offer the best treatments to our clients, and that means braces! Braces are the most efficient way to straighten up problem teeth and avoid frequent trips to the dentist later in life. While they can feel and look a little odd when you first get them on, you’ll get used to them in no time and be on your way to a perfect, pearly white smile.

Braces Basics

Braces can take anywhere from 6 months to a couple of years to complete their treatment. Frequent visits to the orthodontist and general checkups will be required to make sure everything is on the right track.

What makes up braces?

  • Bracket
  • Wire
  • Hook
  • Rubber bands

While it can feel like a mass of metal in the start, braces are made up of a number of functional components which all help to straighten your teeth. The bracket is the squarish part on each tooth which is surrounded by elastic ties, often fixed with hooks where you will attach your rubber bands. Wire runs along the teeth in a horizontal line to keep all of the teeth from separating.

Tips for selling the idea of braces to your kids!

At Bhat Dental Associates we know all about how hard it is to get kids to jump at the idea of braces. While they may not be thanking you when they first get them on we’ve got some suggestions to get your kids to accept braces as a necessity and maybe even an exciting adventure! Here are some positive pitches for braces:

  • They can customise the colour of the brackets and the rubber bands
  • They’ll have straighter teeth than their friends
  • The sooner they get them the sooner they will have perfect teeth
  • They can avoid frequent visits to the dentist when they’re older

Keep comfortable while you’re bound to your braces

There are a couple of basic tips to keep comfortable while wearing braces. The most common issue people have is ulcers where the bracket rubs on the gum or underside of the lip. There is a really simple and easy way to prevent this and that’s by rubbing wax on the brackets whenever you feel friction. Another tip is to cut hard or difficult to eat foods into bite size pieces, and avoid eating very solid foods when you first get your braces fitted.

At Bhat Dental Associates we don’t shy away from alternative technology to help make your teeth look great!

Braces are a great way to align your teeth but sometimes they’re not the best aesthetic solution. While Bhat Dental Associates believes that braces are the most concrete way to get efficient results, there are a number of alternatives which can straighten up your teeth.


Invisalign is like a transparent plastic coat for your teeth. This coat is worn during the day and over time will improve the straightness of your teeth.


Another subtle option to straighten your teeth is a dental mouthpiece. Dental mouthpieces are worn while sleeping and feel like a full mouth guard you might wear at a hockey game. It forces teeth into the right position gradually so in the first few months you’ll wake up with a little tenderness in the teeth.

If you’ve been considering braces, or want to know about other options to straighten your teeth ask one of our dentists at your next appointment with Bhat Dental Associates.

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