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4 Tooth brushing mistakes – what you’re doing wrong while you brush


Brushing your teeth is a part of our daily lives and should be done at least twice daily, but how do you know you’re doing it properly?

Here at Bhat Dental Associates we share some top tips for brushing that will help keep your teeth clean and most importantly – healthy! For many patients we see at our practice, we can notice the effects of poor brushing techniques when you visit for your general checkup.

Mistake No. 1: Wrong brush

Brushing your teeth should feel comfortable: consider the size of your mouth and the size and comfort of the tooth brush handle. While some brushes have angled bristles, others have straight ones. What is important when buying a toothbrush? Bristles that are too stiff can aggravate the gums. The ADA recommends a soft-bristled brush to help remove plaque without damaging the tooth.

Mistake No. 2: Not taking the time

Brushing twice daily is the recommendation; however three times a day can also be beneficial if you are brushing lightly. With too much time between brushing, this allows plaque to build up, which can increase the risk of gum inflammation and other problems. We also recommend brushing for at least two minutes which allows you enough time to brush all the surfaces.

Mistake No. 3: Too much is bad

Excessive brushing can wear away the enamel on the surface of your tooth, which can expose the root of the tooth and cause irritation. This irritation can move to the gums and cause even more discomfort. Brushing too hard can also erode tooth enamel. We recommend brushing very gently for two to three minutes, twice daily.

Mistake No. 4: Too repetitive

We often notice that many patients have a particular spot that gets missed on a regular basis. Many people start brushing the same part of their mouth over and over and therefore get bored when it comes to the other areas, or simply forget about them all together. It’s important to mix it up and start with different places of the mouth to help ensure you are keeping it fresh and different every time you brush.

What you can do to maintain a healthy smile

The best thing you can do for your smile is to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine while receiving regular,once in six months dental checkups. Your regular upkeep will help ensure you keep your teeth clean between visits and during your appointment we can assess your mouth for any concerns. Just because your mouth feels healthy doesn’t mean it is. Often dental decay can go unnoticed for a significant period and it isn’t until you have a professional assessment that you may realize you require treatment.

Visit Bhat Dental Associates today

Here at our Bhat Dental Associates we pride ourselves on providing outstanding results in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our team of highly qualified dental professionals are dedicated to achieving optimal oral outcomes for the entire family. When you visit Bhat Dental Associates you are receiving care from a dedicated, friendly team. By combining our passion for dentistry with the latest dental treatments available we will take a long term approach to your dental health.

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